Cookies Policy

According to the new current regulations, Joyería Bravo provides the new users with the information relating to the cookies that the web use and the reason for its use, as well as it ask for your consent in order to use them.

Cookies are a tool used for the network server to store and to compile information relating to their visitors. They are little text files that we send to your computer to keep a register about your preferences and to remind them at your come back.

Cookies are essentials to the good running of internet, giving a lot of advantages to the benefits of interaction services. Nevertheless sharing the use of these cookies between different webs has raised social alarm inside the context of the personalisation of the advertisings. This document helps you to understand the different levels of security associated to the cookies that we use. As a previous condition to their storage , we will ask you for your permission.

Joyería Bravo, uses “session cookies” to provide the navigation for your web and to obtain a major efficacy and customized services offered to the users. The cookies that are used, let store information about the preferences and language of the user, in order to show you the contents and offers of special interest according to your profile and to register the number of times that it’s showed a determined message to a user (web news, generally).

Some cookies are assigned to your PC only for the duration of the visit to our portal, they are denominated “session cookies” and they disappear automatically when you close your web browser.

Joyería Bravo uses “cookies persistent” to remind your preferences. Remember that if you delete all the cookies, you shall update your preferences with us or If you use a different device, web browser, computer profile, remember also that you shall tell us your preferences again.

As an additional guarantee to as what it has been above mentioned, the register can be subject to your acceptation of the cookies in the course of the setup or update of the web browser used, and this acceptation can, at all times, be invalidated through the options of the setup contents and privacy available.

The user can, freely, decide to the implementation or not of the cookies that are used, in its hard disk. In this sense, the User can set up its web browser in order to accept or reject, by default, all the cookies, or, to receive a warning in the screen about the reception of each cookie and to decide, in this moment, its implementation or not in its hard disk.

Since the cookies that we implement are for general use for everyone that uses this web, if you want to modify them, you shall manage the cookies through the tools of your own web browser.